Texas Style BBQ MasterClass Will Change the Way You Grill Out

Everyone loves a good piece of BBQ. All across America backyards and parks in the summer are filled with people eating pulled pork, ribs, and chicken. It’s hard to really mess up BBQ, but to get it perfect is no easy task either. Aaron Franklin from Franklin Barbecue now has his own MasterClass where he shows you all his tips, tricks, and even some barbecue secrets to forever change the way you make barbecue.

16 Lessons To Make Sure You Miss Nothing

This MasterClass is not a short ‘how-to’ guide on starting your grill and barbecuing a mediocre rack of ribs. No, this will take you from a novice all the way to a master. Aaron Franklin has become a legend in the culinary community for his barbecue- specifically his brisket, and each of the 16 lessons will bring you that much closer to becoming a legend too. This in-depth class also comes with a downloadable class cookbook, so you can pick your favorite recipes to follow along. The classes will take you from pork butt, ribs, to steak and broccoli, and so much else.

Since Franklin is known for his incredible barbecue brisket, there is a large emphasis put on this. There is a series of 5 videos in this class that take you through all the intricate steps to making the perfect brisket. From prepping the brisket, to all the ways you can cook and smoke it, to finally slicing and preparing the finished piece for a meal. The dish that gave Franklin his fame could do the same to you.

The Texas Style BBQ MasterClass from Aaron Franklin will take your barbecue to the next level. Whatever your favorite barbecue dish is, he’ll help make it better. Since Franklin Barbecue rose to its award-winning levels of tasty, there is nobody better to show you your way around a grill, smoker, and open flame. Sign Up



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