The Aura Studio 3 Delivers 360-Degree Sound

Having good speakers is an important part of entertaining. While it’s more of a “nice to have” than a must, it can really make or break a party. There’s nothing wrong with blasting Spotify on your phone, but for a more immersive sound and experience, a dedicated speaker is where it’s at.

Why not enjoy your favorite tunes throughout your entire home? But you don’t need to invest in a huge and expensive surround sound system to have great sound. Size isn’t a big factor for speakers today thanks to innovative tech. 

The Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 is a modern statement speaker that looks as great as it sounds. It’s designed with a minimal footprint and sleek look that will give any space a sophisticated feel. It’s the third in the series and gives you 360-degree sound over a Bluetooth connection.

The speaker is developed in partnership with Sprint and Brightstar, two of the select providers for Harman Kardon since 2013. The brand is world-renowned for their iconic design and exceptional sound. They are part of HARMAN International, a subsidiary of Samsung, so you know there is high-quality work there.

Quality sound and design

The Aura Studio 3 has two 15W speakers with a tweeter and mids. They combine with a 100W subwoofer for an enhanced and refined sound that will fill any room. The speaker system guarantees amazing sound from anywhere in the house.

It is designed with a black fabric base and dark-tinted domed glass. The dome allows you to enjoy a 360-degree ambient light show that displays a water wave ripple effect. You can enjoy music in a new and dynamic way. So that’s sound and light all around you—in one small package. It’s an amazing experience for your eyes and ears! The Aura Studio 3 is available in black for $299.95. Buy Here