The Babymaker Electric Bike, So Smooth You’ll Want It To Be Your Wingman

If you are familiar with electric bikes you know they can be kind of…unsexy. They usually have a mess of cables and a big old battery you have to recharge and replace. Not anymore. The Babymaker Electric Bike has concealed all of its electronic parts so you can ride with confidence that you look good.

Eye Candy

The Babymaker Electric Bike is both lightweight and stylish. It’s easy to pick up if you need to load it into a truck or put it on a bike rack. Yet, it’s durable enough to hold up to years of riding. It also comes in lots of eye-catching colors. Unlike most ordinary bikes the paint design is not tacky with clashing colors, tassels on the handlebars, or huge logos. The Babymaker Electric Bike is all one color and it looks fresh.

Make It Your Own

The Babymaker Electric Bike is customizable so it can be as unique as you are. First, you choose your ride. This means you can opt for the standard or pro model. The standard is said to be best for those who are looking for a sustainable mode of transportation at a good price. It features a single speed chain ride with C brakes.

As for the pro, it is for the rider who is looking for top quality transportation. This includes hydraulic brakes and slip proof cranks.

Next is color, and there are six fresh-to-death colors. You can choose from kiwi, tangerine, berry, blue raspberry, sterling, and matte black. Finally, you can pick the size of your new bike and any add-ons you find interesting.  

Why Wait?

These bikes are going and going fast over on IndieGoGo. Hop on and snag one before they are all gone. The revolution of electric bikes is here so don’t hesitate and get riding. Buy here

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