The Beast Hoverbike Is The Coolest Concept Bike We’ve Ever Seen

The Beast Hoverbike

The Beast Hoverbike is a concept from Rico Kersten and one that we’d love to see become a reality. It’s equal parts Tron electro-bike and equal parts speeder-bike from Star Wars. Just by looking at the Beast Hoverbike you can tell that there’s something futuristic about it. There is an air of impossible engineering.

As we see in the amazing concept photographs below, the Beast Hoverbike is partially based on the design of a hair blow dryer. It is a single-person vehicle powered by a radial fan (hence the blow dryer inspiration). This means that it is both built to fly, hence the name ‘hoverbike’. It features a side-set of wings for thrust to keep the bike in the air, and reverse thrust brakes to slow the bike down.

The Beast Hoverbike

The Beast Hoverbike

This is a concept bike through and through, and building the Beast Hoverbike will require decades of research and development. There are reasons to be hopeful that the Beast sees the light of day, though. The Beast Hoverbike won 2nd Place in this year’s ‘A Roadtrip in 2116’ design contest.

I look at this concept and think we’re inching one step closer to the future. I long for the day when we live in a world where flying hoverbikes are a reality. It appears that even though the Beast is just a concept bike it’s a step in the right direction.

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