The GRID Wallet: Slim, Stylish, and Secure

Part ways with bulky, thick wallets—your everyday essential is here thanks to GRID. Composed of two aluminum plates held together by elastic and at only 6mm thickness, simplicity is key in the GRID Wallet. If you’re looking to declutter and simplify your EDC, the GRID Wallet is a great place to start. The days of your wallet cluttered with random receipts, lottery tickets with losing numbers, and business cards from people you never intend on ever contacting are over. You being that person in the checkout lane looking for your credit card in the mess you call your wallet is done. With a maximum capacity of 12 cards and equipped with a money clip for your cash, the GRID Wallet is designed to hold everything you need and nothing you don’t.

If you’re not into money clips, don’t fret—it’s actually removable and can be replaced by an elastic strap to stow them Benjamins, so you have an even more condensed look. The wallet is sleek and compact, weighing a mere 2.2 oz and is the size of a credit card. You also don’t need to worry about data thieves when you’re using GRID. A key component to its design is aluminum, which in addition to being ultra light, is RFID-blocking. Slim, stylish, and secure—this is the perfect wallet for your everyday use. Buy Here


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Images courtesy of GRID Wallet