The Muncher is the MacGyver of Utensils

Did you ever think a spork could be something more? Not really? That doesn’t keep you up at night? Well, Full Windsor did the thinking for you and created The Muncher. This multipurpose titanium utensil had its start on Kickstarter, collecting more than 4,000 backers and an impressive $268,000 in funds. At a glance, you’ll only notice a few of The Muncher’s uses: the spork on one end, the serrated butter knife on the other end, and the can opener. If you look closer, you’ll start to notice the not-so-obvious uses. The bottle opener in the middle of the tool can also be used as a potato peeler.

Next to that is the can opener and cord cutter. The knife end of The Muncher can double as a flat head screwdriver, pry-bar, or even a box cutter. Stow away your new favorite tool in its handy hypalon pouch, which, like its bounty, is more than meets the eye. The pouch stores a ferrocerium fire starting flint that can be used with the angled edge of the can opener on The Muncher to create a spark. The pouch is also equipped with a carabiner for easy attachment to your gear and protects against chemicals, ultraviolet light, and extreme temperatures. The versatility of Full Windsor’s creation makes it a must-have for any traveller or adventurer. Buy Here


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