‘The New Dad Dictionary’ Is The Only Parenting Book A Man Ever Needs

New Dad Dictionary

Being a new father is both amazing and frustrating. On one hand, kids bring a tremendous amount of joy to a person’s life. On the other hand, there’s EVERYTHING else. The crying, feeding, changing, sleepless nights and…maybe let’s focus on the amazing part?

Luckily The New Dad Dictionary is here to help — not with the changing and sleeping issues — but with all the confusion that comes with being a new father.

Chris Illuminati is a writer, humorist, father and the creator of the popular parenting lifestyle Message With a Bottle. When he’s not making parenting jokes on Post-It notes, he’s writing for publications like Rolling Stone, BroBible, FHM and Men’s Health. His book, The New Dad Dictionary, is a helpful guide to confusing parenting terms, techniques and theories — but it’s written just for dad. This means it’s not boring as hell like every other parenting book.

So stop banging your head against the wall and discover everything you need to know about raising your kid. Buy Now

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