The RUA*10 Ducati Pantah 600 Is a Stunning Premium Custom

If you know your bikes, you know that Ducatis are one of the best of the best. Ducati is headquartered in Bologna, Italy and is owned by Audi. With its limited production and handmade craftsmanship in Italy, it’s no wonder their bikes retail for so high.

Ducati has well established itself as a premium brand since 1926. The company has maintained their premium quality for decades and have always targeted the high-end European market.

Ducatis, being so limited, makes them just that much cooler. That doesn’t come cheap either. So what will make such a covetable bike that much more special? Why, a custom of course.

A vintage piece brought to modern day

This 1982 Ducati 600SL Pantah may have its roots in the 80s, but the customwork by ruamachines brings it to the modern day. Named RUA*10, the custom bike’s bodywork is simple but still luxurious.

The Porto-based ruamachines was founded by Armando Fontes and Victor Rocha. To make this beauty, they stripped the Ducati 600SL Pantah to its essentials and used other Ducati parts. This includes a set of upside down forks from a 1996 900SS in the front. There’s also a swingarm from a 1985 750 F1 and front brakes from the 900SS. 

The engine went through a light re-tuning since it had seen many years of racing. The bike was also equipped with a new stainless steel exhaust system built in-house.

The team added a short front fender alongside new clip-ons and bar-end mirrors. Other additions include a motogadget motoscope classic speedo, push buttons, and small LED turn signals at both ends. Front turn signals were added that mount the front headlight. The license plate bracket saw additions of handmade brackets and rear signals.

Ducati’s fuel tank is the centerpiece of the bike. It’s in the rich signature Ducati red and completes Italy’s tri-color along the base. The lines are echoed in the new aluminum tail hump as well.

The RUA*10 sports a comfy and luxurious leather and alcantara combination seat. The bike sits on stock wheels wrapped with Avon Roadrider tires and coated with gorgeous gold alloys. Buy Here