‘The Watch’ Lets You Unlock Major Drip Levels

If you are a history buff who loves having ice on their wrists, we have found the book for you. This is a title you will not regret adding to your collection. “The Watch” takes you through the wonders of the evolution of the wristwatch, specifically its change throughout the 20th century.

Drama of the 20th Century

You will learn things from this book you never imagined you wanted to know. Like, did you know that watches become fashionable because of the Wall Street crash of 1929?

Or that the watch business almost went under because of the production of electronic watches? Bet not.

As you can see though, mechanic watches are still very prevalent in our culture and you’ll have to read to find out why.

It Has Pictures!

Brilliantly and artfully taken color photographs of the watches being talked about are included in the book. You won’t have to wonder what they look like or try to paint a picture in your mind because you will be able to stare at the stunning timepiece you are reading about.

The book’s layout was thoughtfully put together. Each chapter starts with facts about the era aside from just the watches. That bit of culture makes learning about the watches made during that period even more intriguing. It also talks about the stylistic choices of the era as well as the development of the watch.

Makes a Great Gift

This book is for the watch junkie in your life. Even is that watch junkie is you! Bring to life a piece of history with “The Watch.

There will be no need to add these watches to your collection because the pictures are so crystal clear you will think they are actually in the room with you.

History and fashion combine seamlessly in “The Watch” so don’t miss out. Buy Here

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