This Handmade Motorcycle Travel Bag Keeps Your Gear Safe On Long Rides

There’s no greater thrill than taking your bike out for a long ride. Riding, not knowing where the road will lead. If you’re like some, you may enjoy packing up some camping supplies and taking your bike out for a weekend in nature. Unfortunately, the elements can have other plans. But now that’s no reason to cancel your bike trip. This Kickstarter backed project has reached nearly double its goal in just a short time being posted. The handmade motorcycle travel bag is the perfect traveling companion.

Imagine roaring down the road when suddenly a rain shower hits. All of your clothes and sleeping back in your backpack are soaked and your camping weekend is rained out. Or, you could pack your clothes, sleeping bag, tent, and more in this handy bag and know that it will all be safe and dry.

Handmade waxed cotton and 2mm thick full grain leather keep the contents inside dry come rain, snow, or flood. Quality YKK zippers help the bag zip and unzip easily every time. Meanwhile, two high-strength leather straps secure the bag tightly to your sissy bar or to the back bar of your bike.

Inside, a small zipper pouch lets you store small items and gadgets. Then, a spacious pocket has plenty of room for all your biker/camper needs. Bandana? Check. Beard oil? Check. Beer? Check. The simple, outdoor-style bag looks great on your bike while keeping your stuff safe inside. Never get caught in a rainy pickle again with this handmade bag for your motorcycle camping or long-distance trips. Learn More

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