This VW Deluxe Sunroof Bus Screams Charisma

Classic cars: for many, they are a beautiful thing. A way to connect to their favorite past memories. They’re an opportunity to feel like you’re back in simpler times. If that’s what you’re looking for then this 1970 VW Deluxe Sunroof Bus might just be the perfect nostalgia-mobile.

Under the Hood of This Classic Volkswagen Bus

Typically the engines in a big family hauler like this are hardly worth mentioning. Sports cars and muscle cars have exciting and interesting engines, but usually, these types of automobiles don’t. However, this bus has a very fun little motor. It’s a 1.6 liter carburated flat four. What it lacks in torque and power, it makes up for in character. All throughout the earlier days of Volkswagen, they produced some of the most charismatic engines out there. Another fun part of this engine is its location, which is behind the rear axles. Rear engine with the cylinders laid out in a flat configuration? It’s practically a classic Porsche 911! I’m obviously joking, however, little quirks like these are what make this bus so fun and lovable. This rear mounted little 1.6-liter engine is paired with a 4-speed manual transmission.

While the total mileage is unknown, it is definitely a low mileage vehicle. This is very evident through looking at the Bus because it’s about as clean as they come. From the interior out, everything is in excellent condition and feels like it’s fresh off the assembly line. This is what every classic car lover dreams of having, so this VW is ticking all the right boxes.

Full of Character and Charisma

While the mechanical details of any vehicle (especially a classic) are very important, that’s not why the VW Bus is such a hit. Whether this Bus had 10,000 horsepower or 57 horsepower (which it does), it would make no difference to its owners. It’s the long and round shape that everyone loves; or two rear rows of bench seats for all your buddies to pile into. For this one in particular it could be the gorgeous Brilliant Blue paint that covers all its soft curves and corners. One of my favorite parts of this bus is the wooden roof rack, which seems to be begging to carry your brightly covered surfboards or snowboards. Another one of the fun features of this particular VW is its humongous manual sunroof. Everyone loves a good sunroof, but in most modern cars they are about the size of a shoebox. On this VW it’s quite the opposite. The sunroof stretches across a majority of the roof and is more than large enough for any view to fit in.

From the peppy little four-cylinder engine to the fun round shape, and bright blue paint with a sunroof to reveal the matching bright blue sky, this 1970 VW Deluxe Sunroof Bus has more character than anything else on the road. Classic cars don’t always have to be the sportiest or most powerful machines, and this bus shows exactly why. For someone looking to slow down a little and just have fun, this classic VW is the perfect machine. So consider picking one up, turning the key, and driving around like you’re back in the ’70s. Learn More

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