Three Ponds Farm, Five Star Experience

This 58 plus acre compound is located in Bridgehampton North and has views straight out of a movie. The subdivision is already supported by a preexisting market making it a great place for developers to start a picture-perfect neighborhood for the stereotypical Hampton’s socialite.

Accurately Named

Just like the name says, Three Ponds Farm does indeed have three ponds. Each one bluer and more pristine than the next, twinkling in the sunlight. Other luxurious amenities include a 25,000 square foot building overlooking the biggest pond, aptly named Long Pond. Residents can spend the day over looking the still, beautiful water while sitting on high quality furniture to allow maximum viewing pleasure.

Along with the comfortable viewing capabilities, when looking at the pond gets to be too much, there is a pool just below you. The fact that it’s an oversized pool means there is plenty of room for you and all your friends. Speaking of, maybe we’ll join you. There is also pavilion so you can catch up on that tan, and soak up the vitamin D.

More Than Just Some Ponds

Along with all the gorgeous water to look at, there are plenty of other pretty landscapes to catch your eye as well. Three Ponds features a golf course that is kept to the highest of standards. The eighteen holes are craftily laid out around the other two ponds. The course was designed Reese Jones should you be interested in golf course designers. I assume that’s the same as hearing that your suit is Versace. If you know it, you’re probably rich enough to buy the whole thing.

There is also a halfway house for that mid-course nap because we are taking things leisurely when we stay here. For those of us that aren’t super into golf there are plenty of gardens to cast your eyes upon. Full of every color imaginable to dazzle your senses.

Or You Could Stay Inside

When you’re sun kissed, swam out, and had it up to here with asking for extra mulligans there are plenty of other indoor activities to do. The property’s halfway house is English styled, so you feel as though you’ve hopped back in time. There is a refrigerator for your adult beverages, and a living area so you can catch up on the last 8 holes or skip the golf and watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Sunlight streams in through the floor-to-ceiling windows while you sit at the wet bar and drink the day away.

The main living area has eight bedrooms, 10 full baths, 3 half baths, and a breath-taking view of long pond. Although summer time seems like the best time for enjoying most of the amenities, the grounds are filled with old trees teeming with leaves ready to burst into colorful displays when autumn hits.

We can only imagine what it would be like filled with life and excitement. For now though, we are left to use our imaginations. Picturing ourselves lounging by the pool after the perfect golf game sipping on a drink watching the sun set. Learn More

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