Multitask While Gardening With the Time Concept Garden Spray Bottle

The pandemic and lockdown has brought our focus to hobbies, old and new. That may be whipping up dalgona coffee, baking sourdough and banana bread, or buying copious amounts of plants. Plants were already a whole “millennial” thing and the pandemic really amplified that all around. From monsteras and fiddle leaf figs to succulents and cacti and even green onions, gardens are thriving amidst the pandemic. 

If picking up gardening is something you’re thinking of, know there’s more to it than just the plants. Yes, there’s the time and love you need to put in for your green babies, but also the tools. Some plants need smaller and gentler tools and others need something more robust. All plants, however, need water. Of course, a typical watering can or mason jar works, but when you need to spray, it sucks to carry two things at once. The Time Concept Garden Spray Bottle is a smart solution to multitask with while you’re gardening. This 2-in-1 watering tool is perfect for plants of all sizes and needs.

An easy-to-use watering tool

This is the perfect sidekick as you water your plant babies. It has a thoughtful and ergonomic construction that minimizes discomfort. You can water all 100 plants throughout your home, inside and out, without any pain. You also don’t need much grip pressure to spray. This gardening tool pulls double duty with a spout to water on one end and sprinkler spray on the other. 

The spout is the perfect size, narrow enough to not overwater your plants, but also wide enough so it’s not like you’re making slow drip coffee. The handle makes it easy to carry around and tilt to water. It’s a simple shape and design, but functional. The Garden Spray Bottle is available in blue, purple, and white to match any aesthetic you’re going for. The text embossed on the face of the water-spray can reads “Feel the garden & house of botanicals.” The approximate capacity is 1,600 ml. Buy Here

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