Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch Is Perfect For The Outdoor Man With Style

Here at The Daily Want we think that all men should have a great watch. Even if you usually wear a smartwatch, everyone should have a classy and stylish traditional watch. If you’re a frequent visitor, you know that we’ve done several reviews on different watches to help you find the perfect one. If you haven’t visited before, we encourage you to check them out. The Timex Expedition Rugged watch is perfect for guys who love the outdoors but want to have a classy watch.

The case of this watch (45mm) is metal, brass specifically, and is both durable and rustic-looking. Beneath a scratch resistant, mineral glass cover, a cream-colored dial accents bold black numbers and a yellow “arrow” second hand. Like all Timex watches, built-in Indiglo lights the dial in a blue color for easy time-telling in the dark.

The band of this watch is genuine leather calfskin. Its deep brown color matches the brass case perfectly and completes the outdoor-look perfectly. Cream stitching accentuates the band to enhance its appearance.

Since it is built with outdoor lovers in mind, the Timex Expedition is water resistant up to 50m, so it’s perfect for recreational swimming. It is also highly durable and will stand up to the challenges you throw at it while exploring nature or wishing you were there while working in the office. Show off your style and love for the outdoors with this rugged, classy timepiece from Timex. Buy Here

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