Timex Marlin Manual Is A Timepiece With Vintage Style

While trendy new watch styles can be great, there’s something to be said for a vintage or vintage-style timepiece. Not only does the look never go out of style, it goes with almost any outfit. That’s just a few of the reasons we love the Timex Marlin Manual.

Timex is a classic brand with a long-lasting tradition of producing quality watches at a great price. Their first mechanical watch released in the 1980s and was a surprise. Not only did people love the impeccable style and reissue of a 1960s classic, they loved everything about it. This edition of the Marlin Manual takes cues from those watches and brings its own awesome style.

An elegant silver sunray dial catches your eye and doesn’t let go. Until it lets you see the sleek, brushed stainless-steel case. The case itself isn’t oversized like some watches, but instead goes for a low-profile, elegant look. A unique black, lizard-grain strap holds the watch to your wrist securely and comfortably. Finally, a domed mineral crystal cover adds to the vintage charm of this timepiece.

The Marlin also pairs the precision and vintage feel of hand-wound movement. This old-school looking and feeling watch is perfect for a night out or for all those summer weddings. Like we said, the vintage style means it always looks good, no matter the situation. Buy Here



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