Timex x Wood Wood Fabric Strap Watch: For The Bold and Adventurous

I’ve written about quite a few watches and they all seem to have a lot in common. While they may look different, most watches are trying to prove luxurious they are. They are somewhat like a symbol of status. Paying the big bucks for these types of watches can display your wealth and style. However, sometimes people just want a watch that’s really good at doing its job. Something a bit more practical. The Timex x Wood Wood 38mm Fabric Strap Watch is exactly that. If you’re after a timepiece that’s comfortable to wear, isn’t too shiny or flashy, and won’t break the bank, this is perfect.

Practical, Minimalistic, and Ready to Go Wherever

This 38mm Fabric Strap Watch is made for those who don’t need to show off with unnecessarily expensive jewelry and accessories. A watch is a tool to tell time, and this is created to be the best at that and nothing more. Instead of using steel or silver for the band, they’ve simply used a fabric strap. This saves weight, complexity, and cost without sacrificing any real durability. The all-black strap and watch face make the simplistic design actually look quite nice. While it isn’t a shiner, it still manages to look good. All this simplicity makes it the perfect watch to rely on in adventurous environments.

Anybody would prefer this to a large and clunky metal watch in a long hike through the woods, and that’s the whole point. They emphasize this by adding the phrase ‘GET LOST’ on the watch dial which is displayed by pressing the crown button. On top of all this, the watch still features a stainless steel case and is water-resistant up to 50 meters, so it certainly isn’t a cheap and unreliable option.

Some people would rather spend their days out in the woods, or on the side of a cliff than in a busy office. For those people who just want to go get lost somewhere, the Timex x Wood Wood 38mm Fabric Strap Watch was made for you. Finally, a watch that’s just as adventure-ready as you are. Buy Here

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