Timex x Wood Wood Watch Is Perfect For Getting Lost In Nature

Sometimes all you really need is to escape into the woods and get away from everything. Timex and Wood Wood understand that. That’s why the two have collaborated to make a one of a kind timepiece for nature lovers that just need to get lost.

This special edition Waterbury Traditional Timex watch, designed by the expert teams at Wood Wood, blends a subtle outward design with a heartfelt secret message. It’s a pure reminder to any nature lover to unplug from the world of smartwatches and schedules and enjoy the outdoors.

Simplistic Design

Who says a simple design can’t be beautiful? We sure don’t. Neither does the team from Timex and Wood Wood that brought this watch to life. The simple style bears some semblance to military watches and pairs that tactical feel with an all-black color scheme.

Unlike some of the colorful timepieces we’ve highlighted here at The Daily Want, this one is as simple as it gets. The beadblasted stainless-steel case measures in at 38mm and is durable enough for any outdoor excursion. It is also rated waterproof at up to 50 meters. Meanwhile, the fabric strap is 18mm wide and fits all wrists nicely.

Hidden Message

Although at first glance this watch looks plain, it does have one nifty design feature that helps it stand out. When you press the crown to activate Timex’s classic INDIGLO backlighting, a secret message appears. The phrase “Get Lost” is a perfect reminder for nature lovers that losing yourself in the outdoors is sometimes the best answer.

On the flip side, this could also come in handy as a perfect burn on someone. Just imagine sliding your sunglasses on at night and flashing up a watch saying “Get Lost” to your mortal enemy. Okay, nevermind. You should probably stick to that walk in the woods.

In any case, this Timex x Wood Wood watch is a classic addition for any man that enjoys the great outdoors. Buy Here


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