Tittle X Is The World’s First Ultra Compact And Affordable Golf Simulator

It’s not always easy to find four hours to play a round of golf or time to go to a driving range to practice your game. But what if you can play golf anytime and anywhere? What if there was a golf simulator that wouldn’t take your entire savings account to buy? Well, now there is with the Tittle X, because the Tittle X Golf Simulator TruGolf Edition makes life-like golf accessible to everyone. Or it will once they collect all their Kickstarter cash.

With the Tittle X you don’t even need a ball. You just swing the club and you still get all the vital swing information you would from a TruGolf simulator. You also get to watch the flight of the ball and everything. It’s like owning a $50,000 golf simulator for as low as $70.

tittle x golf simulator

And if you’re worried that your ceiling is too low to swing your clubs indoors, don’t you worry, they have also developed a shorted swing stick.


See the Tittle X in action and hear from the creators.

This is a certified WANT.

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