Get Grinding With The TokBud Multi-Tool

These days, there’s a multi-tool for everything—even smoking. It can get annoying to tote around all the gear you need for a good toke. The TokBud Multi-Tool makes it easy.

This handy gadget features eight unique elements that help you pack your pipe your way. It is designed by smokers for smokers and doesn’t leave any detail out of its design.

Meet Your New Best Friend

The TokBud Multi-Tool is comprised of a hybrid shell made of polymer resin, aluminum, and stainless steel. It houses everything you need to light up on the go.

You’ll find three longer tools, a steel scraper, a steel press, and a steel poker, that extend from one end. These tools are all detachable to make using them easier. Meanwhile, there’s also a wick spool so you can easily spark your bowl. It’s easy to replace the hemp wick whenever you run out.

On the underside of the TokBud, you’ll find a perfect cutout for a mini Bic lighter. You’ll never be left without a light again thanks to this handy feature.

Meanwhile, the TokBud includes a built-in shark-tooth anti-clump metal grinder. Yes, that means no more carrying around a separate grinder.

There’s also an ez-pinch storage tray and a screen holder to keep everything organized and compact. The TokBud is small enough to fit inside almost any pocket and eliminates the need for carrying extra equipment.

When you’re done using it, the TokBud Multi-Tool snaps apart for easy cleaning. This is an accessory that streamlines your smoking experience unlike anything else on the market. If you or the smoking enthusiast in your life is looking for a way to simplify, this is the way to go. Plus, the TokBud does it in style thanks to its sleek, compact design. Buy Here