Tonal: An Entire Gym on Your Wall

Sometimes even your Fitbit’s incessant vibrations can’t get you off the couch to work out. When wearable tech isn’t enough and laziness overcomes you, it’s probably time for a home gym. Peloton may have revolutionized the home gym with its Bike and Tread, but Tonal is combatting your laziness on a whole new level. If YouTube workouts aren’t for you, Tonal’s system will help you achieve your fitness goals in a more personalized way. Tonal is perfect for small spaces or those looking for something that fits a cleaner aesthetic. The world’s most intelligent fitness system is loaded with revolutionary equipment, expert-led videos, and personalized guidance all in a sleek and smart package attached on your wall.

The all-in-one equipment combines digital weight with adjustable arms, giving you up to 200 lbs of resistance in a compact machine. Do full body workouts without leaving home! Tonal replicates every leg, arm, shoulder, back, core, and chest machine you’d find at a gym. The endless configurations of the adjustable arms give you unlimited potential. Tonal’s Smart Handles and Bar give you control of the weight with the click of a button. Additional accessories include rope, bench, mat, and roller. Expert coaches will guide and motivate you with step-by-step instructions and video workouts. Whether you’re a noob or CrossFit champ, Tonal’s personalized training ensures you’ll work out at your pace with your schedule and goals in mind. You’ll learn a broad range of strength, stability, and movement exercises to maximize your results. For $2,995, curl, lift, squat, and more anytime you want in the comfort of your own home! Buy Here

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