Toy Crossbow Can Fire Mini Suction Cups 20 Feet Across The House

Real Action Crossbow Set

This toy crossbow is perfect for playing around the house or office. It first suction cup arrows up to 20 feet across your home. Toy crossbows are all the rage right now. Last week, there was all sorts of news about how ‘mini toothpick crossbows’ were the hottest toy around. Toothpick crossbows are fun, but they’ve got nothing on this suction cup crossbow. Buy It Now

Real Action Crossbow Set

Go for a hunt around the house with the Real Action Crossbow Set! Built to function like the real thing, this toy crossbow can fire bolts up to 20 feet, while suction cup tips stick to your target so you can keep track of your marksmanship.

The Details:

  • Works like a real crossbow w/ suction cup bolts
  • Easy to reload & comes w/ a laser sight scope to line up your target
  • Fires up to 20′
  • Camo paint makes it feel like you’re really out hunting in the woods

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