This Toyota Sienna Camper Van Makes Camping Van-tastic

If you are looking to sell your minivan and trade it in for something a little sleeker, or a little newer, you may want to hold off for just one moment. The fine folks at Oasis Campervans can turn your old minivan into a camper trailer that will be the envy of all of your friends.

I mean we all know that the minivan can fit the entire carpool crew, soccer team, and a tuba. Did you know it could also hold a full-size kitchen, running water, a full-size bed, a chair, and a dining room? All with the luxury of privacy curtains and tons of storage space?

Nothing Mini About This Van

All conversions come with some basic amenities. Things such as a stainless-steel sink, burners for cooking, matching chair and bed fabrics, a memory foam mattress, and curtains. The neat part is that you can add your own little flair to almost anything.

For no additional cost, you can change the length of the bed or countertops to fit your needs. If there is some extra storage you don’t think you’ll use or if you don’t want as much counter space, Oasis Campervans will actually reduce the price of the conversion for you. If you want to change the complete layout of the floor plan that can be discussed as well.

For an additional cost, you can add an AC adapter, a floating table, a zippered pouch, or even have your cabinets stained.

Quality and Precision

This is obviously a huge facelift for your minivan and you may be worried about whether it’s what you really want. Each van is custom made for its customer. You are able to give your input and ideas into the design, making it feel even homier. The designers at Oasis Campervans make the most out of the limited space in the van. Even so, they say it is comparable to your own personal 5-star hotel.

Get Driving

With a minivan conversion you do not have to worry about backing a trailer into a spot, getting it jackknifed, or hitting a tree because you simply cannot see that far back. You also don’t have to worry about how giant your Class-A RV is. With a van conversion, you already know how to drive it so there is no learning curve. You are going to feel comfortable and confident while exploring the outdoors like never before. Learn more

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