Traeger’s New Timberline Series Of Smokers Are The Apex Of Wood-Fire Grilling

Traeger Timberline Smoker

Traeger has consistently made the best wood-fire pellet smokers on the market for years. Anyone who has ever grilled with a Traeger smoker knows that they are the best. Today, these hopper-fed pellet smokers got even better with the debut of the Traeger Timberline series.

These aren’t entry-level smokers. It’s better to think of Traeger’s new Timberline series as the Ferrari’s of the wood-fired smoker world. The Timberline 850 ($1699) and Timberline 1300 ($1999) deliver premium tasting food from top quality smoke. The Timberline series features a patent-pending ‘approach to Smoke Science’ which is said to create blue smoke. Only this blue smoke delivers the finest flavor, a flavor that’s virtually impossible to achieve from your run-of-the-mill smokers.

Traeger Timberline Smoker

Traeger Timberline Smoker

The Traeger Timberline Series smokers are made from 304 stainless steel. The temperature gauge vacillates between 165°F-220°F which enables you to smoke every type of meat on the planet.

What sets the Traeger Timberline Series apart from its competition is its height. The Timberline models feature an additional 5 inches in height from previous models. With the addition of another smoking rack this adds premium cooking space. In total, the Timberline Series features 1,300 square inches of cooking space, the most of any smoker in its class.

Traeger Timberline Smoker

These Timberline smokers are the most customizable smokers ever built. They are programmable and customizable. With these Timberline smokers, you can program repeat cooking cycles, set smoking timers, change the grill temperature, and monitor the cooking progress all from within Traeger’s smartphone app.

Just how big are the new Timberline smokers from Traeger? The Timberline 850 can hold 38 burgers, 6 chickens, 54 hot dogs, or 9 rib racks on its 850 sq. inches of cooking space. With the Timberline 1300 you’ll be able to smoke just about anything on the planet, including whole hogs.

To check out the new Timberline Series from Traeger you can head on over to their website for purchasing information and videos of these new smokers in action.

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All images in this article courtesy of Treager