Transformer Table 2.0 Has 6 Table Sizes In 1 And Challenges You To #Eattogether

On a night that there’s just two of you, or one of you, dining, a small table is perfect. But, when you want to have guests over, or you just can’t get far enough away from the person you’re eating with (we see you elbows on the table people), you’ll need a bigger table. Finding room for a big table can be a problem and it can take up a lot of your living space. That’s where the Transformer Table comes in.

A nifty, dare we say fuuuturreeee-istic design, allows the table to easily transform from an 18 inch two-person table to a 10-foot 12-person table in seconds. The sleek, hidden system of ball bearings and telescopic rails allows the table to effortlessly change size. When you’re ready for the guests to leave (aren’t we all) just collapse the table back to its smallest size. It makes a perfect addition to any home and gives you supreme versatility. You’ll feel like the king using it as an ultra-wide desk for working and then shrinking it down into a small table for a romantic dinner.

The Transformer Table 2.0 comes in four colors to match any dining room. Choose from Natural Acacia, Birch Grey, Chestnut, or Black Oak. Each table is made from 100% hardwood and is both waterproof and heatproof to make dining a piece of cake. Well, maybe save the cake for dessert. Actually, on second thought, you’re the king you can do what you want. With the Transformer Table 2.0, you’re in charge of your space and your dinner. Just remember to follow the mission of its creators. Find some friends, gather your family, put away the devices and #eattogether. Learn More

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