Traxxas Ready-To-Run Supercar Is An RC Car On Steroids

Okay, seriously guys? It’s pretty sad when an RC car is nicer than your real car. This 1:7 RC car has all the bells and whistles that inevitably make it nicer than the car you’re probably driving. It’s sleek, fast, and puts your childhood RC cars to shame. Although you drove them into the wall too hard or outside into a puddle, they are driving away in shame at seeing the Traxxas Ready-To-Run Supercar.

First off, the name Supercar is very fitting. This RC car tops out at 100 miles per hour. Yes, you read that right. One. Hundred. And if that wasn’t enough, it gets there in just 4.92 seconds. It gets to 60mph in just 2.3 seconds. How you ask? Meet the quality pieces and parts that make up this awesome RC “toy”. We don’t really think it classifies as a toy since it could easily outrace a real average car.

This car looks just like a real sportscar and has the same awesome sound as it eats up the ground beneath it. Its brushless motor and four-wheel drive let it tackle most relatively smooth terrains, not limiting you to paved surfaces. Yes, seriously this thing has 4WD. If you’re into radio control cars already, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily customize this car to up its performance even more. If you’re just getting into the hobby, you’ll love the thrill of handling this car. Buy Here



traxxas rc car

traxxas rc car




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