The Treewalkers Treehouse Offers a Bespoke Glamping Experience

Imagine a camping experience so surreal it’s like you’re in a Lord of the Rings or Star Wars movie. Treetop camping is nothing new, but O2 Treehouse is an innovator in treetop construction. Their custom builds out of their California studio are otherworldly and nothing like you’ve ever seen.

The Treewalkers model is created around the concept of franchise-based hospitality with customization in mind. O2 Treehouse hopes to bring Treewalkers to many locations, each with their own personality and charm, like the Ewok Village.

Connect with nature in an innovative space

The Treewalkers structure has a modular lattice design that allows for different customization options. The elevated, tent-like structures are made of wood and have canvas canopy roofs. They come standard with bug-proof sockets and furniture inside. You can also customize the interior and exterior finishes to create a unique feel or brand experience. 

The structure can be set up as a single unit or an entire village. You can grow your business over time and start with one or a couple and continue to build and reinvest. You can set up a small group of Treewalkers near a music festival or dozens at popular vacation spots. For those looking to get into hospitality, Treewalkers are in a very niche market. 

Treewalkers are really unlike any luxury stay, but is it worth the investment? O2 Treehouse hopes the unique factor means many visitors and a good return on investment, which starts from $35,000. The company recommends charging $150-$200 per night with a 30-60% occupation rate per year.

The program also gives hosts the option to open their space to other hosts to exchange for points. When you invest in Treewalkers, you join an inclusive community hub as well. The company also loves working with those who practice sustainability. They help organize tree planting activities, food forest efforts, and more with all locations. Buy Here

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