TRONEX: More Than a Flashlight

Flashlights are a pretty simple thing. Typically you flip the switch into the on position and point wherever you need light. It’s simple, and it works pretty well. However, for TRONEX pretty well isn’t good enough. They decided to change what a flashlight can be. The TRONEX LED Flashlight is a new generation of on the go, mobile flashlights.

Why’s TRONEX Any Better Than Other Flashlights?

The TRONEX LED Flashlight is more than just a point-to-use light. The is a wearable, mobile, on the go flashlight with adjustability. The light straps on and points two high power LED beams ahead of you. This means you can use it hands-free knowing the path is always going to be illuminated. Not only does it have the two forward facing beams, but it comes with a rear light as well. For bikers, runners, and anybody else who spends time outdoors, the nighttime can be a bit dangerous. With no rear facing lighting, it’s easy to go unnoticed and unseen by cars approaching behind you. Until now there wasn’t much on the market to ensure your visibility would be clear to others from all sides. Luckily, TRONEX quite literally has your back. Their lighting pack has a brightly lit halo on the back side, so even if you hit the road or path late at night you are clearly visible to all those around you.

A portable light fixture sounds very functional, but it also sounds heavy and uncomfortable. The idea of running, hiking, or biking with light up backpack doesn’t exactly seem ideal. However, the TRONEX is much more compact than you’d imagine. The whole body only measures inches across, and 2.7 inches tall. This isn’t some bulky steel contraption that’ll weigh you down either. It’s lightweight as well. This not only comes from the small and compact size but from the materials it’s made out of too. The whole body is made of aircraft grade aluminum and high strength plastic. This means that it’s not only lightweight but strong. With a body that’s meant to take a beating, and all in a compact and nearly weightless design that illuminates at the front and rear, this TRONEX has it all.

More Stand Out Specs of TRONEX

The TRONEX light pack is ready to serve you regardless of conditions. Going on a casual walk on a beach and need a bit of soft lighting? The TRONEX has you covered. Or are you going mountain biking down a dense forest path late at night and need some serious lighting power? The TRONEX is ready to deliver here as well. This adjustability is thanks to a three-way toggle on the power levels of the LED beam. At the first setting (LED E.G. mode) the light shines 80 feet into the distance. This is more than enough for a casual stroll, without being enough to disturb nearby homes or businesses. Turn it up a notch (Normal Brightness mode) and the lights will show 490 feet into the dark. That’s over one and a half football fields long. Is this still not enough lighting for you? Well, click it up into the highest power mode (Turbo mode) to illuminate 1,583 feet into the dark abyss. If this still isn’t enough lighting for you then you should probably wait for the Sun to rise again, because it doesn’t get much better than that.

All this light power comes from a Cree XHP70 LED light fixture. At full power, this beam produces 4,900 Lumens. Turn it back a couples notches and it can run for 19 hours straight. That’s nearly a full day of nonstop LED powered light. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; if this isn’t enough for you then just wait for the Sun to rise. This lighting pack is in a market of its own so finding something to beat itis impossible.

From hiking to biking, to jogging or climbing, this TRONEX LED Flashlight delivers in every way imaginable. If your someone who’s fun isn’t dictated by the hour of the day or amount of sunlight out, then this light is the perfect fit for you. Keep the action going all through the night with this high power LED light. Learn More

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