The Trono Inflatable Chair Weighs 2 Pounds And Inflates In 3 Seconds

trono inflatable chair

Convenience. We all want it. And most of the stuff in our lives gives it to us in spades. Recently, portable seating and lounging has joined the convenience trend. It all started with inflatable loungers (like these) and now the Trono inflatable chair is hitting the scene looking to change the way you think about portable seating.

The Trono comes in a compact bag, weighs only two pounds, it inflates in three seconds and it will stay inflated for up to four hours. All you need is scoop some air, fill it up, and you’re good to go! That sure beats lugging folding chairs to parks, concerts, and the beach. To maximize comfort, the Trono has a zip-on, water-repellent suede seat cover (it’s machine washable).

The Trono inflatable chair comes in four colors: green, navy, dark gray and orange. Buy Here

trono inflatable chair trono inflatable chair

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