Sleep Better With These Light-Filtering Glasses

Who has trouble sleeping? With our increasing obsession with technology, even when the lights are off and it’s ready for bed, we still have our trusty phones to scroll through for a few minutes…or hours. That’s blue light, but did you know spectrums between purple and yellow can interfere with your sleep as well? Our eyes have cells filled with light-sensitive protein called melanopsin. Those cells tell our brains when it’s daytime, so when the lights are still on or we’re deep in a YouTube blackhole, our brains can stop producing melatonin, an essential hormone to having restful and productive nights of sleep.

Like noise-cancelling headphones for your eyes, TrueDark’s Twilight glasses cancel out the “junk light.” The glasses are designed with multi-layer optical filters that block all the wavelengths that affect your sleep. They have a wrap-around sport frame with foam padding around the eyes. The comfortable padding prevents extra light from trying to sneak in through the glasses. You’re not really in the dark with these glasses on—you can see, read, binge watch Netflix and other activities with your lights on, but you’ll be tricking your brain into thinking it’s dark. This will cause your brain to start preparing for sleep mode and help you fall asleep faster. Better sleep means more energy and productiveness, so you can be well awake the next day to watch two more seasons of your new favorite show. Buy Here

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