CRC System: A Fly Fishers Fantasy

Anyone who’s been fishing knows packing fishing rods for a trip is no easy tasks. Their long thin shape is awkward to fit into most cars; and even if you fold down the back seats and lay them down, they can roll around freely leaving them at risk of breaking. Trxstle has solved this problem with the CRC System, short for Convertible Rod Carry System. This carrying device allows you to easily and safely ring two full fly rods with you, free of hassle.

Design Behind The CRC System

The clever design of this carrying case makes it extremely versatile and practical. This system allows you to bring two complete fly rods and is designed to be able to strap to the top of your car if the interior space is sparse. They can also collapse down into a double rod and reel case. The case expands and contracts to best fit your rods, from 44.5″ all the way to 127″. This means whatever you have to carry, this case can handle.

The CRC System puts safety first, more specifically rod safety. Nothing is more frustrating them unloading your fishing rods only to find they’ve been damaged from the drive. This is not a problem with the CRC because it has a weatherproof lining, fly reel padding, and a fast clamping system with multiple mounting points so it will stay shut tight through all the bounces and shakes your car could throw at it. Whether you store your reels in the trunk or on the roof racks, nothing can get through this case and damage your valuable equipment. 

With adjustable lengths to fit all rods, damage and weatherproof design, and a simple and sleek design that’s easy to transport, this carrying case is the reel deal. Make sure you don’t leave for your next fishing trip without the CRC System, because nothing else can protect and carry like it can. Buy Here


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