Discover And Explore In A Twisted NA-V8

Few cars have the reputation of being built for adventure. Land Rover is one of them. Its Defender is one of the best vehicles for exploring off-road locations. Meanwhile, Twisted has built itself a reputation that is closely tied to the Land Rover legacy.

Its new NA-V8 draws on the unmistakable heritage of the Land Rover Defender with a classic Twisted spin. The restomod vehicle is developed specifically for the North American market (hence the NA naming).

It features a sophisticated interior with technology to meet the needs of modern drivers and a powertrain pulled straight from a Chevrolet Corvette.

Get Twisted

The NA-V8 features one of best engines in the world—the LT1. As a fifth-generation small block Chevy engine, the 6.2L V8 has six million hours of research and development behind it.

Originally destined for the Corvette Stingray, it now powers the NA-V8.

The rest of this car’s chassis is both DOT and EPA compliant. It is galvanized and then RAPTOR coated for guaranteed performance in all the elements.

For those that need some versatility, the NA-V8 comes in several forms. There are two station wagon builds, a soft-top model, and two pickup variants.

Interior For The Modern Driver

Inside, the NA-V8 has everything you could ask for. It has been refreshed with modern technology and amenities that make exploring comfortable and exhilarating.

You’ll find a double din touchscreen head unit with NAV, DAB, and FM. The car also supports Bluetooth audio, Apple Car Play, and Android connect through its Twisted sound system.

It features a reversing camera and front camera along with parking sensors that let you navigate the urban jungle with ease. Meanwhile, you’ll be riding comfortably in Muirhead leather seats surrounded by Alcantara headlining and side panels and Twisted’s rubber floor matting. Learn More