Block Party Charging Station And Portable Bluetooth Speaker Makes You The Hero Of Any Party

You know the feeling you get when someone desperately needs a phone charger and you have one? That’s sort of like being a superhero. Not really, but it feels pretty great to be the hero of their phone. What if you could be the hero for four people at the same time and stream your hero theme song at the same time? That would be pretty awesome. Oh, you can! Here’s how:

The Block Party is the all-new charging station / Bluetooth speaker combo from tech brand Tylt. With cell phone batteries running out of juice quicker and quicker (we’re looking at you Apple) having a charging station nearby is essential. A normal outlet just doesn’t have enough space for recharging all the phones at a party. That’s why airports started adding in charging stations. For once airports did something right.

The Block Party features four USB charging ports so you can simultaneously charge 4 devices back to 100%. A 20,000 mAh battery lets you fully charge up to six phones on just a single charge itself. Better yet, it also powers a powerful Bluetooth speaker that sits on top. Just snap the speaker into the tower and start streaming your favorite tunes. Seriously, we aren’t kidding about the theme song. It makes you really cool.

If you want to take the fun on the go, the speaker detaches for easy songs anywhere and lasts for up to 4 hours (72 hours when attached to base). Forget the bland chips and dip when you show up to your next party and bring this home-run speaker/charging combo. The crowd goes wild for.. Charging Man! Please think of a better superhero name and let us know. Buy Here

tylt block party

tylt block party

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