UA Curry 6 SL: The New Wave of Golf Shoes

Golf. It’s a sport of patience, precision, planning, and maybe just a tab bit of luck. However, it isn’t really a game of flair or style. Apart from the occasional John Daily types, the gear involved in golfing can be pretty bland once you move past the clubs. Luckily there is a new trend in golf, specifically golf shoes. Several companies have been taking their most popular basketball shoes and modifying them to accommodate the greens of a golf course. These Under Armour Curry 6 SL’s do just that, and I for one think this is a great thing to happen for this sport.

Full Golf Spike Functionality, With Basketball Style and Form

Make no mistake, these are not basketball shoes. They look a lot like them and obviously are based off the Curry basketball sneakers, but these are full-on golf spikes. One of the biggest differences is the materials they used in making these. Instead of having hard plastic/leather all over, these shoes have been completely knitted to keep your feet cool and cozy from the first hole to the eighteenth. There is also an EVA midsole which runs the full length of the shoe and is ultra-lightweight and very responsive. In total, these Curry’s only weigh 11 ounces, which is partly thanks to the spike placement.

While these are spikes, they’ve only put them where it counts to keep down weight. They’ve kept the outsole of the shoe completely spikeless, which allows the weight savings but doesn’t reduce the grip levels at all. Above all this, the thing I love most is the look. They just look new and refreshing, but also subtle enough to not stick out too much. Just right.

The Under Armour Curry 6 SL is something I’d imagine all golfers should be excited about. This new trend of bringing the hottest basketball sneakers to the greens is something I can’t wait to see continue and grow. Buy Here

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