12 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For People Who Love Watching TV And Movies

ugly christmas sweaters for men

It’s officially the season of ugly christmas sweaters and that means it’s time to get prepared for all your holiday shenanigans. Meaning, it’s time to get that sweater that will make you the center of attention and the topic of all conversations at every holiday party you attend. I can see the ladies talking now…Did you see what Jeff was wearing? At first I was a little put off by seeing “Sh*tter’s Full” on a sweater, but now I’m a little turned on. Jeff is so hot. 

Today’s round up of ugly Christmas sweaters feature the best you will find from TV and movies. We have Stranger Things, R2-D2, and even Home Alone! It’s a heck of a spread and hopefully you’ll find one that suits you.

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Let’s get to the list, shall we?

Christmas Vacation Sh*tter’s Full #1

best ugly christmas sweatersThis was voted the best ugly sweater by 99% of RV owners and 100% of people who love National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Buy Here


Christmas Vacation Sh*tter’s Full #2

best ugly christmas sweatersThis one shows uncle Eddie in all his glory. Buy Here


Seinfeld Festivus Ugly Christmas Sweater

best ugly christmas sweaters 2017This ugly Christmas sweater pays homage to one of the greatest Seinfeld episodes of all time. And not to mention Frank Costanza, the visionary and creator of the greatest Christmas season holiday that no one celebrates. Festivus for the rest of us! Buy Here


Home Alone Wet Bandits

ugly-christmas-sweaters-wet-banditsNothing says Christmas quite like Harry and Marv. Hopefully your night won’t end as badly as theirs did when you wear this one-of-kind sweater. Buy Here


Home Alone ‘Filthy Animal”

home alone christmas sweaterKeep the change! Every time this scene comes on during my annual viewing of Home Alone (don’t judge me) I die laughing as the Pizza Boy sprints to his car.  Buy Here


Christmas Vacation Moose Mug Ugly Sweater Vest

best ugly christmas sweatersDrinking egg nog never looked so damn good. Buy Here


Stranger Things

ugly-christmas-sweatersOne of the most popular shows of 2016 will definitely result in one of the most populate ugly Christmas sweaters of the holiday season. Buy Here


Christmas Vacation Turkey Sweater

best ugly christmas sweaters moviesThis sweater reminds you of how much restraint Clark must have had to not kill his entire family that Christmas. Buy Here


Homer Simpson

ugly-christmas-sweatersHomer Simpson is an absolute classic TV character. This is a sweater that you can wear year after year.  Buy Here


Darth Vader

ugly-christmas-sweatersAll your friends already know that you love Star Wars, but this sweater will allow you to take that outward love to a whole, new, obnoxious level.  Buy Here



ugly-christmas-sweatersAnd this one is for those Star Wars fans who don’t have a permanent residency on the dark side. Buy Here


A Christmas Story
ugly-christmas-sweatersFragile, it must be Italian! One of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time gets a very fitting selection of sweaters.  Buy Here