Good Enough Is Ok, According to This Book

Stop and smell the roses. It’s not something you see much of today. Everyone’s always go, go, go and trying to outdo one another. The importance of taking the time to just live in the moment and be carefree is lost in today’s overextended society. It’s become the norm to overwork and push yourself to stressful limits. The pressure of succeeding is daunting and Dr. Ray Bennett’s urging people to turn it down a notch in “The Underachiever’s Manifesto.” The 96-page book is a lighthearted pocket guide to living life to the least. Bennett explores the benefits of mediocrity with sharp humor and wisdom, explaining the dangers of striving for perfection, addiction to achievement, and more.

The book highlights ten principles of underachievement to follow, including the idea that accomplishments are in the eye of the beholder. Bennett also gives examples from philosophy, economics, science, and good old common sense that support underachieving. You’ll also learn helpful strategies and tips for living life to the least and loving it. Bennett uses humor, but also logic to explain why keeping up the Joneses is not what we should strive for. Lower the bar. Turn it down a notch. This is the perfect quick read for those who want to do less and enjoy more. Who thought mediocrity could be the key to happiness? Buy Here


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