Beautify Your Desk With Understands

Do you understand? No, really, do you Understands? If you have an iMac then you definitely should. You should also get yourself a proper PC, but that’s another story. For now, with these sweet wooden iMac bases, you can at least leave your desk looking great. And after all, that’s what the iMac is made for right?

Okay, no more Apple jokes. Probably. What there will be more of is the one-of-a-kind beauty that are Understands mounts. These wooden contraptions are the perfect way to de-clutter your workspace while adding a touch of style. You can hide cords away, store your essentials, and free up space on your desk.

Abra-Cadabra, Disappear!

So, what makes this a unique stand? There are actually quite a few things that make it special, but the key is thoughtful design. Since Understands are designed specifically for the iMac and iMac Pro, their layout takes this into account. The rear of the wooden stand features a cutout for the base of your computer. Once you slide the base in, it is secured within the wooden block and stands freely.

There are plenty of benefits to raising your computer like this. For one, the Understands places it at optimal viewing height. Meanwhile, the top of your desk is left with more space for you to work. Or at least more space to decorate with toys and trinkets or those three-day-old coffee mugs.

The Understands eats up the cords to your computer as well so you can tuck those eyesores out of the way. At the same time, you still have access to all your USB and accessory ports on the back.

Naturally Beautiful, Purposefully Functional

Here at The Daily Want, we’re suckers for all things natural. That means the wooden look of these stands captured our hearts on first glance. All Understands are crafted from eco-friendly, sustainable urban wood. Each unit is completely unique because the artists behind them don’t tamper with the grain, cut, or finish. They simply let the wood be the star.

Since each stand is real wood, Understands have incredible durability that you just can’t find in other furniture. There is no pressboard or plastic to be found here. In fact, when it arrives, your stand will still have that smell of fresh wood.

Fortunately, there is more to these shelves than just the pretty looks. Too bad we can’t say the same about your iMac. Okay, okay, we’re done for real now. In the front of Understands, you’ll find a variety of handy drawers and shelves. You can stash a keyboard, some reading glasses, pencils, sticky notes, tape, chargers, tacks, gum, or whatever else you need at your desk. These wooden drawers are lined with cork for a more finished feeling and to protect the wood beneath.


If you’ve got an iMac and a desk, then you need an Understands. It will clear up your space, add some style to your work area, and help keep those cords under control. So, the question is, now do you Understands? Buy Here


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