This Master Class Teaches You How to Unfuck Your Relationships

Not everyone will love you and that’s okay. But there are some relationships that you have to maintain, like with family, friends, or coworkers. It’s no secret that building and maintaining relationships is hard and sometimes we need some help. Gary John Bishop can be that helping hand. He employs the grit and wit of his early life to give you a tough-love, in-your-face approach to coaching.

He is the author of “Unfu*k Yourself,” a New York Times bestseller, and “Stop Doing That Sh*t,” his newest book. “Unfu*k Yourself” is a self-empowerment guide that offers an honest approach in true Bishop-style to help you get out of your head and move past self-imposed limitations. “Stop Doing That Sh*t” is in a similar vein and helps you get to the root of your self-sabotage and break that cycle. In addition to his own life experience, Bishop also has decades of working with people as a personal development coach, which lets him reach and help people in a deeper way.

Bishop’s bestselling book serves as inspiration for his CreativeLive class “Unfu*k Your Relationships.” CreativeLive offers online classes in many categories ranging from art skills like photography and music to self-help topics like finances and communication. The company values its community of innovators, doers, and hustlers and variety of problem-solving and creative classes. They believe in access for everyone and foster growth and collaboration. CreativeLive offers several ways to access their 1,500+ curated classes and to start growing personally and creatively. You can purchase a class as a one-time sale or subscribe to a monthly or annual class pass. You will be joining a community of 10 million+ students and 650+ world-class instructors.

Honest lessons to better your relationships

This class will explore relationships and the common issues and nuances that come with them. Nobody has perfect relationships all around. There may be relationships with your coworkers that need improving. Maybe there’s a team member who is always taking credit for your work or someone who doesn’t respect your personal space. Or perhaps you have a strained friendship with that one friend who borrowed your N64 controller and never gave it back. If you get stuck in negative relationship ruts, sign up for this class! Bishop will help you through these troubled waters and transform the important relationships in your life.

“Unfu*k Your Relationships” includes 11 video lessons in HD and exclusive bonus content. You’ll have lifetime access anywhere and anytime, with streaming and offline access on both desktop and mobile. You’ll learn about the myths of contemporary relationship strategies and structures. The class will also take apart the fundamental aspect of being in relationships. Bishop will also cover how to let go of any weight in your relationships and give you a plan on how to ensure your relationships grow. You will uncover the hidden judgments and expectations that keep relationships stuck. The class also includes a habit building worksheet so you are aware of what’s going on in your current relationships. You’ll soon be able to start making real positive changes in your relationships thanks to Bishop’s lessons. Sign Up



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