Sneaker Heads: Prepare to Drool Over the New Air Jordan 1

In 1985 Nike released the original Air Jordan 1 sneaker. Since then it has become one of the most recognizable shoes to basketball fans and sneakerheads alike. To this day Nike still releases new iterations of the original Air Jordan 1. This shoe can be found in nearly every colorway imaginable, and we are still in love. This classic shoe we all know and love just dropped its newest iteration, and the levels of want for this sneaker are extremely high.

What’s So Special About a Nearly 35 Year Old Basketball Shoe?

In the eyes of many, Micheal Jordan is and was the greatest basketball player to ever touch the court. Shortly after MJ entered the NBA with the Chicago Bulls, he signed an endorsement deal with Nike. Back then the NBA had a strict set of rules on uniforms and shoes players could wear. This proved to be an issue when Nike launched the original Air Jordan 1. The NBA banned the shoe for not aligning with their policy on uniform and shoe colors. However, game after game, MJ came out in his Jordans. This resulting in a $5,000 fine, game after game.

Nike took advantage of all the attention their shoe was getting and paid this fine every single game. Very few shoes, or even brands have such a rich and interesting history; so it’s understandable that over 3 decades later everyone still loves this iconic shoe.

What Makes These Old Jordans New?

Each updated release of the Air Jordan 1 comes with a new and unique color combination. Not only does it give buyers plenty of options, but creates a strong sense of collectability. The newest shoe comes in Sail (white) and University Red. These colors have wrapped around several Jordans before, but never on this shoe in this configuration. The bright Sail white is a classic and timeless color that is a modern take on the white on the original Air Jordan 1. The University Red and Black on the shoe also pay homage to the original Red, Black, and White colorway. This subtly pays respect to the shoe that started it all without looking like a flat out remake. This shoe is clearly unique and has its own style, which is what makes it so desirable.

It is not uncommon to see Air Jordans sold for not only hundreds, but thousands of dollars. Nearly any pair of new basketball shoes will run you well over the $100 mark, so $160 for such a special shoe is not only a good deal, but an investment. In a decade or so these could be worth double, triple, or even more than what you could pay today. Not to mention for this price the new Air Jordan 1 is appealing to even a casual sneaker head or basketball fan. The clean white look is simple and classic. The red and black add a nice touch of color that’s just enough to really make it pop without taking over the shoe itself. Serious sneaker collector or not, these shoes are hard to ignore.

Whether you’re looking to add to your growing collection of shoes or just want a fresh new set of sneakers to hoop in the newest Air Jordan 1 is a temptation that I don’t think is worth fighting. Wearing these shoes not only looks good, but carries and important piece of shoe and sport history with you every where you go. Buy Here


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