Rethink What a Watch Could Be With the UR-T8

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This is advice I’m sure everyone has heard before. Sure, it makes sense in many cases. However, has that attitude ever lead to progress? Absolutely not. If it ain’t broke, who cares, make it better. This is the attitude Urwerk has in the design of their UR-T8 watch. And it’s exactly why their watch is the coolest thing on the market today.

The Magic Behind Their Wandering Hour Configuration

What sets the UR-T8 apart from every other watch is what they call the ‘wandering hour’ design. This means the hour is not indicated by a hand pointing, or by a digital number. Instead, there is a carousel of numbers that elegantly dance around the display. Each hour waves across the display pointing towards the corresponding minute to show the time. It makes it very easy to read, as well as unique. This is what happens when you not only create something that “ain’t broke”, but something with art and creativity in mind.

Another one of the distinguishing features of this time telling work of art is the protective covering. At a glance, it is just a watch (a very advanced watch). However, you can flip over the timepiece to show the protective titanium shield. Not only is it sturdy and protective, but it is a beautiful piece of art like the rest of the watch. There are multiple protective cover designs, but each feature intricately cut out designs that show the style and creativity that has gone into everything that makes this watch so special.

The UR-T8 is not just an ordinary watch. It has taken the idea of what a watch is and completely reimagined it. This is the perfect example of why being content with things is not always best. Push forward, create new designs, and things like this Urwerk watch can continue to exist. Buy Here


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