This Map of U.S. Breweries Is the Perfect Gift for Any Beer Lover

What’s on your bucket list? Some make it a mission to go to every national park in the nation. Others may want to visit every state capital or something bizarre all the water parks. For the beer lovers out there, why not make it one of your life goals to go to every brewery in the country? Find your favorite brewery or somewhere new to try as you travel across the nation. 

It’s a fun idea whether you’re planning a road trip or just a trip to one state. Traveling to the northeast? Hit up Peabody Heights in Baltimore or Knucklehead in Rochester. Your country-wide travels will be a lot more fun with a brewery—or three—on the agenda. Google Maps can help with the initial planning, but what about after when you want to showcase it all? Show off your brewery adventures and your future travel destinations all in one handy and good looking map.

Aesthetically pleasing and informative

Pop Chart’s Breweries of the United States is a mega-sized infographic poster and map that shows practically every brewery in the country, which is almost 6,000 in all. The map measures at 48” x 32” and features distinct regional color-coding according to breweries per capita. The colors used throughout the map are all neutral tones of brown, making the map suitable for any space. There are also parts of the map that are highlighted and blown up for a closer look at what’s in the area. This map will give you a glimpse at what every state has to offer and add to your list of places to travel to in the country. Use stickers or push pins to mark where you’ve been and add a frame to complete the look.

Pop Chart makes infographic posters about pretty much everything. From literature and music to architecture and fashion, the company has something for every interest, making them great gifts for a housewarming, birthday, and any occasion. Buy Here

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