Valsfer Grasslamp Gives You A Green Thumb At The Flip Of A Switch

Have trouble keeping your plants alive? Have you given up completely because you just keep killing them? Don’t worry, we’re right there with you. But, this unique grasslamp will give you a green thumb as easy as flipping a switch. Yes, you’re seeing this right. You can grow grass or other micro-plants inside of your lamp. Talk about a conversation starter.

This oval lamp has a very Dyson fan-like look since it appears to be open in the middle surrounded by a sleek plastic shell. However, there are actually glass panels in that opening that act as a greenhouse to trap humidity and give life to your seedlings inside. The lamp uses power-saving LED lights to both light up your space and provide light for your greens.

Speaking of those greens, you don’t need any dirt to grow them. Just add water. The seeds will take root in the seedling flat built into the base of the lamp. This flat promotes air circulation and allows your seeds enough oxygen to grow. You don’t have to worry about a mess of dirt around your home or office.

This unique, sleek lamp is great for adding a touch of nature and eco-tech to any room. It looks great on the coffee table, kitchen counter, or in your office. Kids also love it, making it a great educational tool as well. Your ticket to a green thumb is just one switch away. Buy Here


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