The New Vanderhall Speedster Is Perfect for Solo Touring

For a bit of vintage mixed in with modern, sporty elements, the new Venice Speedster from Vanderhall Motor Works is your perfect vehicle for the open road. The 180 hp three-wheeler has a retail price of $26,950 and will have a limited production with deliveries beginning the fourth quarter of 2018. The Venice has a low profile windshield, enlarged rear deck contour, and a Tonneau cover.  The streamlined composite panel features striking shark-gill openings, giving this speedster some extra cool points. The Venice runs on a GM 1.4-liter, inline four-cylinder turbo engine and has a 6 speed auto transmission. The speedster sits atop three powder-coated, satin black 18” wheels.

The Venice celebrates solo touring—no passenger seat in this baby! We all need some alone time. Why not do it in luxury and style like the Venice? The speedster has a beautiful coat of Silver Vintage metallic paint on its body with bold black and yellow stripes. The Saxony Brown upholstery oozes class and the heated seat keeps you warm when you’re on the road. The wooden steering wheel adds to the car’s vintage aesthetic. Custom options include: Rear fender, bump shifter, traction plate/dead pedal, stripe decal, gill insert decal, performance steering wheel, cowl grill, chrome gauge bezels, and big brake kit. Buy Here



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