VersaFit Wireless Sport Are The Smallest On-Ear Headphones

Working out with no music is a no. You need that music pumping in your ears to keep your arms pumping that iron. Sometimes though, earbuds can be painful and inconvenient when you’re trying to work out. That’s where the VersaFit becomes incredibly handy. Well, you won’t need your hands to mess with adjusting your headphones anymore. So come on, go grab those weights and get to work.

The secret to the VersaFit that makes it different from other workout earbuds on the market is that they are technically on-ear headphones. They’re just tiny. At about the size of an earbud, they are thin enough to lay flat over your ear, not go inside it. That makes wearing them much more comfortable than traditional earbuds. Infinitely adjustable earhooks let the headphones adapt to any ear shape and stay put no matter what. They are sweatproof and won’t keep slipping out just when you get in your groove.

Since the VersaFit aren’t in your ear, they don’t block outside noise. While this may seem annoying, it is actually recommended for those who run outdoors, bike on the road, and more. By hearing your surroundings, you’ll be much safer. Thanks to the VersaFit, you can enjoy your music at the same time. Speaking of safety, they are slim enough and lie flat enough on your ear to fit under a helmet.

For a revolutionary new spin on traditional earbuds, try out the VersaFit Wireless Sport headphones and experience the difference for yourself. Buy Here

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