Stroll Into Spring With These Vintage Saucony Trainers

saucy trainers

Saucony shoes have carried runners across finish lines for over a century. And these vintage trainers are great causal kicks for spring. Over the years, what was once a best-kept professional runner’s secret was soon, during the running boom of the 80s, the most sought-after running shoe of the time. Runners or not, we dig the looks of Saucony’s vintage trainer style and our dogs thank us every time we put ‘em on for the engineered comfort that lasts all day.

If classic sneakers are defined as the kicks that dominated their sport as fiercely as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt, then Sauconies are about as classic as it gets. In the ‘80s, when running exploded in the US, Saucony ushered in a golden age. They debuted iconic designs like the Shadow and DXN and sponsored badass team runners like Rod Dixon — one of the most exciting marathon runners of all time (and the guy who said the excellent quote up top). It was a long journey for an outfit that got its start in Pennsylvania way back in 1898. Just for a little perspective, that means they’ve contributed to athletic shoe design since way before sneakers even existed — when runners wore tough leather track spikes that had more in common with boots. All the progress they’ve made since is just what 120 years of hard training will get ya. Buy: $59

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