The Vivobarefoot Esc Tempest Lets You Run in Water

Like everything about fashion, shoe trends come and go. That goes for athletic wear as well. No runner is alike and so, not all shoes are alike. Barefoot running, also called natural or minimalist running is one popular form of the sport. It was hyped up a few years ago and studies have shown that minimalist shoes have several benefits for runners. 

For starters, they will encourage a low-impact gait, which means you’ll land on your midfoot or forefoot instead of your heel. Minimalist shoes are also great to help you feel the ground. The thin cushioning lets you connect with the terrain and help you feel nimble. These types of shoes are of course, lighter, so you need slightly less muscle power in your legs for every stride. One of the leaders in minimalist running shoes is Vivobarefoot. They are strong advocates for walking and running barefoot and their technology gives you the closest you can get to going barefoot.

Modern design and tech

The Esc Tempest is the first of Vivobarefoot’s Extreme Survival Collection, which is “is the ultimate off-road performance footwear to escape the city with uninterrupted natural movement on both land and sea.” The amphibian shoe was created for SwimRun endurance sports. According to the brand, it is “inspired by nature’s aquatic animals and blended with modern technology.” The Tempest lets you easily transition from the trails to the sea. It has a lightweight organic cage, which gives your feet the breathability and flexibility it needs on the go, drainage, and protection. 

Like all Vivobarefoot shoes, the outsole’s structure uses as few materials as possible for max durability, performance, and quality. The Tempest’s super sticky rubber sole was created in collaboration with tire manufacturer Michelin, so you can trust in its durability. The shoe also features a lace locking system and a lace pocket that aids in hydrodynamics. The seamless sock construction, made of quick-draining mesh and recycled plastic PET, gives you a second skin feeling. Even though it’s a minimalist running shoe, there’s still cushioning. The foam heel, made using algae-based BLOOM technology, gives protection on the trails and floatation in the water. The Tempest is available in obsidian/neon coral and obsidian/orange. Snag yourself a pair at Vivobarefoot for $220. Buy Here