This Volcano Treehouse is the Most Magical Air BnB Ever

An Air BnB is supposed to be fun. When you get a handful of days away from home, why stay somewhere mundane and boring? This home is something truly special. It is a real life, full-sized treehouse that sits on Kilauea Volcano. Not only is it just a Volcano, it’s an active volcano in Hawaii. One of the most tropical and beautiful locations on earth, sitting atop one of natures most fascinating feats could be your next home away from home.

Something Out Of A Fantasy Novel

Before I get into the details of this home, let’s just take another second to recognize the beauty and mythicality of this place. Volcano top treehouses sound like something a family of fairies or wizards would live inside in a fascinating sci-fi novel. There is no better escape from reality than that. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the house from a purely objective standpoint. This home fits two guests in its single bed, single bath design. The interior design is just as interesting and fun as the outside. No matter what angle you look at this place, it’s incredible.

It’s also incredibly clean. So clean in fact that 10 recent guests have called it ‘sparkling clean’. The location is extremely convenient, as it is only 5 minutes from the gates of The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. As if this isn’t interesting enough, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this because the very volcano this home sits on has recently erupted. Nobody could turn down a chance to see the erie and majestic ways in which nature has viciously reshaped itself.

Thrill seekers, creative thinkers, imaginative brained, and playful people would all fit in perfectly at the Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano through Air BnB. If you want to stay in something that looks like it came from a mystic movie, and in a location surrounded by some of the most gorgeous landscapes on earth, then look no further my friend. Learn More

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