Get Nostalgic With This Volkswagen Rolling Cooler

Imagine you’re getting ready for a relaxing day at the beach or a Fourth of July cookout. You want to bring your favorite cold beverages (also known as beer) along with you but don’t want to carry a heavy cooler. How about a cooler on wheels?

Rolling your drinks in style with this Volkswagen Rolling Cooler from Board Masters lets you tote a supply of ice-cold beer and plenty of nostalgia to go with it.

Beep Beep

When this cooler rolls up, it tells all the other ones to get out of its way—in the most friendly, hippie way possible. It is an ode to Volkswagen’s beloved VW Bus that looks a bit like a giant Hot Wheels car.

It has a roomy 30 L capacity for transporting ice and your favorite drinks. Its fully-insulated body and lid help ensure that the contents inside stay cold even on a hot, sunny day. Speaking of the lid, it has a secure lock that lets you safely store drinks and other items while you’re away. There’s also a built-in drainage plug to make emptying the cooler easy once you’re done with it.

The exterior is constructed of anti-rust steel that ensures it will be your favorite cooler for many years to come. Thanks to official Volkswagen branding, you’ll always be traveling nostalgically.

Rolling in Style

In true VW Bus fashion, this cooler rolls on four rubber wheels. That makes it perfect for any terrain, whether it’s a sandy beach or grassy campsite. The front two wheels are also steerable so you can easily maneuver the cooler. Its folding telescopic handle saves your back and collapses when you load the cooler up in the car for easy transporting.

For anyone who loves classic Volkswagen cars, this cooler makes a perfect gift. Buy here

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