This Company Built An Indestructible Hoodie That Will Last 100 Years

100 year hoodie

You might have heard about Flint and Tinder’s 10-year hoodie. It is a very durable and comfortable hoodie that promises to last for no less than a decade. That is a long time for a piece of clothing to last. Or so we thought. Because now, a company called Vollebak claims that their hoodie is ten times better. That’s right, Vollebak has a 100 year hoodie. One. Hundred. Years.

The 18 month old start up is taking on the outdoor industry, using science and tech to create the world’s toughest hoodies designed to shut the world out, and to outlive you.

The 100 year hoodie is made out of DuPont Kevlar, which gives it its indestructible nature. The hoodie, as you’ll see in the video below, is resistant to just about anything you can throw at it. Even fire.

So yeah, this hoodie will probably outlast you, and the price definitely reflects that. Buy: $295

100 year hoodie

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