VOXOA Bluetooth SportsBuds Are Wireless, Sweatproof, And Deliver Amazing Sound

VOXOA Bluetooth SportsBuds

VOXOA Bluetooth SportsBuds are the perfect wireless headphones for the gym. They deliver premium sound, and they are light and sweatproof. Underneath the hood, these VOXOA Bluetooth SportsBuds are amazing. Aesthetically speaking, they are also quite stylish. Buy Here

With 8-hours of talk time and 7 hours of playtime, the VOXOA Bluetooth SportsBuds have amazing battery life. I have been on flights before where my cheaper Bluetooth earbuds die after two hours. With this premium battery life that will never be a concern.

The VOXOA Bluetooth SportsBuds are connected by a thin rubber strip that goes around your head. This will anchor the earbuds while you work out, keeping them in place. These Bluetooth headphones instantly connect to your phone when activated.

We live in an age where the Bluetooth headphones market is pretty saturated. The best advice I can give when choosing a pair is to find something you actually like. Unless you are spending $20, most Bluetooth headphones will have great sound quality. Beyond that, you want to look for a pair that fits your style. It is also important to get sweatproof earbuds for the gym. The VOXOA Bluetooth SportsBuds satisfy all that criteria and then some!

VOXOA Bluetooth SportsBuds

VOXOA Bluetooth SportsBuds


  • Rock out to your tunes on-the-go
  • Stream audio from your phone or other Bluetooth device
  • Enjoy CD-quality streaming w/ aptX technology
  • Benefit from tech that suppresses background noise
  • Utilize molded ear tips that offer a snug fit
  • Take advantage of up to 8 hours talk time & 7 hours playtime
  • Enjoy a sweatproof, water-resistant design

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