The Vuz Moto Motorcycle Tent Is the Perfect Shelter for Road Warriors

There’s nothing like the open road: fresh air, a cool breeze on your face, and the feeling of pure freedom. Good times don’t come without a price though, and Mother Nature might just come knocking. When you’re braving the elements and so exposed, weather is something you want on your side. But it’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re roughing it, especially with a bike. You don’t need the weather putting a damper on your time on the road or on the campground. Hit the outdoors with one less worry on your mind when you have the Vuz Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Tent. Protect yourself and your bike! You know you’ll be able to weather any storm when you’ve got this baby set up. This full sized, 3-person camping tent is easy-to-store, lightweight, and portable.

Mother Nature can be tough, but this 3-season tent can withstand almost any harsh conditions thrown your way. It’s constructed with super durable 190T polyester and the B3 mesh used in the tent doors and windows will keep the bugs out. The waterproof rainfly shelters and protects you from heavy rainfall and strong winds. You don’t need to worry about sleeping on damp ground either. The 10,000mm waterproofing on the tent floor keeps you and your bike clean and dry. You can rest easy knowing you’ll be fine hitting the road for a rainy camping trip.

This multifunctional tent features a very unique design, giving you comfort, security, and ample space. The separate garage space for your bike is 9’2” long and the inner sleeping area has a length of 9’6” and allows for a 5’11” maximum height. The dedicated bike space is perfect to separate you from any dirt and grime or gas smell when you’re sleeping or just catching your breath after a long hike. There are four entryways for convenient access in and out of the tent.

The tent is extremely spacious, measuring at 12 feet long, but has a small footprint of 14.1” x 10.9” x 8.8” when packed away for ultimate portability. It weighs 13.7 lb, so it’s not too heavy for road trips or carrying it on your bike, but it’s probably not the best for backpacking. The tent comes with three aluminum poles, ropes, and pegs for quick and easy setup and teardown. Have shelter in mere minutes without the hassle! The tent is great even for non-motorcycle trips. Store your mountain bike, gear, more people, or anything else in the space!

Vuz Moto has created high quality products geared toward the biker lifestyle since 2016. They offer fair and competitive prices in the industry without skimping on materials and craftsmanship. From all-weather motorcycle covers and dry saddlebags to riding gloves and LED high-vis vests, Vuz brings quality, innovation, and style to keeping you prepared and protected when you’re on the road. The Motorcycle Tent is a must-have for any road warrior and camper. For $249.99 on Amazon, it’s a steal for what you get. Don’t risk another camping trip without Vuz’ state-of-the-art tent to protect you! Buy Here

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